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Gala scene Welcome to the website of Davidson's Mains Children's Gala, a traditional summer event held each June in the village of Davidson's Mains in North-West Edinburgh.

The next Gala takes place on
Saturday 16th June 2012

Each year a Gala King and Queen are chosen, accompanied by their Court consisting of six Maids of Honour and six Courtiers.
The King, Queen and Court are all girls and boys from the final year of Davidson's Mains Primary School, selected by longevity of unbroken family residence in the gala area. The ceremonial crowning of the King and Queen on the Gala stage is performed by our Gracious Lady. She is a lady of the village chosen for her contribution to the life of the community.

Gala scene The events of Gala Day begin with the Gala Procession led by the King and Queen in a horse-drawn carriage. The procession route leads through the centre of the village and ends at the Gala field in the grounds of historic Lauriston Castle. The crowning ceremony then takes place.

Gala scene For the rest of the afternoon the Gala field hosts a full range of traditional and modern attractions, refreshments, stage shows, displays and children's races. And, of course, the "Grand Marquee". See the programme page for details.