Children's Ministry

Children's Liturgy : Helping children to share the Gospel at St. Margaret's

Every week during school term time many children and young people join the rest of the parish community at Mass. The Eucharist at 11 am on Sunday is particularly intended to welcome children.

Children’s Liturgy is our way of helping the children of the parish to share the gospel. The group celebrates the Gospel in the hall during 11 am Mass.

We have two groups – one for younger children up to Primary 2 and one for children from Primary 3 to 7. New children are always welcome.

We are also looking for parent volunteers to help with the liturgy sessions.

If you would like any more information then please contact Margaret Harkins or Margaret Hancock.

Sacrament Preparation

The Children's Liturgy leaders will support parents and children who do not attend a Catholic school to prepare for sacraments of First Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Holy Communion. In general, children in Primary 3 are presented for First Reconciliation during Lent with preparation sessions from the January. Preparation sessions for Confirmation and First Holy Communion start after the October school holidays for children in Primary 4. Children will make their Confirmation in May and First Holy Communion in June.

Parents and children will be provided with materials and books to work on at home. We organise sessions on a Sunday before 11.00 am Mass (10.15 am) for children and parents.

If you would like your child to be registered for sacrament preparation or to get any further information please contact Margaret Harkins or Margaret Hancock.

Volunteers for the rota are warmly welcomed and needed. We especially would like parents of young children who are of an age to attend the liturgy or prepare for the sacraments to be involved. Further information re this role is below.

Children's Liturgy Volunteer Role St Margaret's